A Mount & Minions to Exchange Gelmorran Potsherd


Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

You can obtain Gelmorran Potsherd at the Place of the Dead.
I introduce about a mount and minions which can get to exchange Gelmorran Potsherd.


The Way to Obtain Gelmorran Potsherd

-A bronze coffer in Place of the Dead
-Complete floor 50 and 100

Disembodied Head


Exchange 10 Gelmorran Potsherd
As the name suggests, it is the head mount.
Place of the Dead means Edda, and Edda means Avere.
So this head means…

In Japanese, the callout when you mouseover is that “ADDEEVOLI”.
It doesn’t know what it means at first glace, but if you read it backwards, it becomes “I LOVE EDDA”.

By the way, there isn’t to read backwards in English.



Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.

It looks grotesque.
I can’t find it cute point(lol).

Wind-up Sasquatch

Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.

The head and body are unbalanced, and figure is especially cute from the side.

In the End

The Place of the Dead is up to level 60 so sometimes I feel inconvenient because there aren’t enough skills.
And this content takes time.
But you can get the mount and minions and there is a story.
If you have never tried there, why don’t you go there?

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