[Chocobo Armor] Deepshadow Barding

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

You can enjoy dress up your chocobo in FF XIV.
There aren’t any status with chocobo armor so you can choose them just looking.
I introduce about “Deepshadow Barding”.


Deepshadow Barding

It’s written that “A full suit of pitch-black chocobo armor” on the descripiton.

Here’s what’s the front looks like.↓↓

I felt that his mask shows like a pitch-blakish.
It’s cool looking like a assassin or spy!

The Way to Obtain

You need to reach rank 3 on Lakeland FATE.
It required to complete the region FATEs  times with a gold medal to be rank 3.

When you reach rank 3 on Lakeland FATE, to exchange 350 Bicolor Gemstone at Siulmet, Lakeland (X:35.5 Y:20.5).

The amount of getting Bicolor Gemstone is changed as FATE rating.
Bronze Medal: one
Silver Medal: six
Gold Medal: twelve

In the End

Bicolor Gemstone was additional from Shadowbringers.
It’s hard to complete FATE 60times but there are rare items to exchange Bicolor Gemstone so why don’t you gather one?

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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