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[Minion]The Way to Get Paissa Threadpuller

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Here is what Paissa Threadpuller looks like and how to get it.


Minion: Paissa Threadpuller

It wears a hat with feathers, reminiscent of a guild master of a sewing guild.

When mysterious embroidery began appearing on the garments of her Rose Knights, Lady Laniaitte set out to uncover the perpetrator. Her surveillance led to the capture of this paissa young, which was made to work in Ishgard’s restoration as punishment, though it appears happy enough.

How to Get

This is a prize for the first prize of the Kupo of Fortune.

If you don’t do crafters or want to be sure to get it, you can also get it at market board.

In the End

It is cute to see them scampering to the right and left with their hands outstretched.
I did not see any embroidery being done.

Extra Images

Paissa stepped on my tail.(´;ω;`)

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