The Way to Obtain Tamamo Headband

The Way to Obtain Tamamo Headband

Hi, this is Karin(@KairnMie_en).

The Tamamo Headband is available by completing FATE.
This article is how to get Tamamo Headband.

Flow of the FATE “Foxy Lady”

To complete the FATE “Foxy Lady” with the highest rating, you can get all of these items; the minion “Fox Kit“, “Tamamo Headband” and the table top ” Stuffed Fox“.

The FATE is appeared at Yanxia.
This FATE is chained so you need to compete in order of three FATE so spawn the Foxy Lady.

1.Ginko’s More to Offer
2.Kinko’s Freedom Flies
3.Mikuzume’s Outfoxed – available a Sessho-seki Fragment
4.Foxy Lady “Tamamo Gozen” -available 15 Sessho-seki Fragment to complete the highest rating.

The condition for appearing “Mikuzume’s Outfoxed” is that two hours have passed since the last time and “Foxy Lady” is that two days have passed since the last time.

Foxy Lady is appeared once in two days so it’s better to gather Sessho-seki Fragment by Mikuzume’s Outfoxed.

The Place to Exchange Sessho-seki Fragment

Eschina at Rhalgr’s Reach exchange Sessho-seki Fragment.

Tamamo Headband (6 Sessho-seki Fragment)
Fox Kit (3 Sessho-seki Fragment)
Stuffed Fox (3 Sessho-seki Fragment)

In the End

In Japanese, animal ear says Kemomimi.
Kemomimi is fit for any dresses.

It’s hard to gather Sessho-seki Fragment but all of exchangeable items are cute!

I hope this article is helpful for you.