Comparison Between PC and PS4

Hi, I’m Karin(@KarinMie_en).This article for thinks which is better PC or PS4. If you have a PC or a PS4 already, it is the best which is you have one.So this is for don’t have either one. 目次 1. PS4 Is Easy To Begin 1.1. Advantages For PS4 1.1.1. A Huge Screen 1.1.2. A Low Price 1.1.3. Remote Play 1.2. Bad Points For PS4 1.2.1. Low Loading 2. PC Is Good If You Afford It 2.1. Advantages For PC 2.1.1. Can Choice Computer’s Performance 2.1.2. Ease To Retouch Screen Shots 2.2. Bad Points For PC 2.2.1. Expensive 2.2.2. Need a Knowledge About PC 3. Conclusion PS4 Is Easy To Begin Advantages For PS4 A Huge Screen PS4 use TV screen so almost people it is bigger than PC screen. A Low Price PC is required somewhat high-performance.It is over 100,000 yen altogether gaming desktops and monitors but you can buy PS4 around 30,000 yen. Remote Play If you use the PS4 Remote Play application to control your PS4 system from your PS Vita, Xperia, PC or iphone.It is difficult to go dungeons but it is useful to play crafting and gathering. Bad Points For PS4 Low Loading It is difference … Continue reading Comparison Between PC and PS4